The Role Of Zinc And Magnesium In Weight Loss

foods rich in zinc

Zinc is a very vital component that is responsible for ensuring that the human body is working in good order. For those that desire to lose weight, they are always admonished to be wary of the type of food that they eat. And when eating, they should ensure that they still continue to take certain foods which contain particular nutrients that are vital for the normal functioning of the body.

Zinc and magnesium are two of those components that are required for not just the proper functioning of the body but also in succeeding at reducing body fat and losing weight.

In addition to its numerous functions, zinc is an antioxidant that is powerful. This mineral serves as an activation of an enzyme that assists in the support of overall function of immunity and health in human bodies. The powerful oxidant properties of zinc can improve not just our health but also recovery after workout as well. The immune-boosting effects of zinc can assist to keep our bodies healthy and during activities.

It is surprising to note that a lot of physical trainers and athletes are deficient in both magnesium and zinc. This could be as a result of several factors like the quantities of zinc that we lose while sweating during sessions of training, the increasing utilization of zinc by their bodies for synthesis of protein and recovery of the body after a session of training, an enhanced loss of zinc during urination.

Factors of diet may also be involved

Sugars that are refined in addition to products made of white flour like white bread can reduce the levels of the blood’s magnesium and zinc. Meals that are rich in calcium like products from the dairy stop the absorption of both magnesium and zinc by the small intestines.

Foods rich in phosphorous compounds found in legumes, cereals, and whole-grain breads called phytates and copper also cause a hinderance in the small intestines’ ability to absorb zinc. Additionally, alcohol reduces the absorption of magnesium and zinc and their loss through urine is increased.

It is most likely that individuals are not properly absorbing the zinc from their foods and that a large amount of zinc which they are not absorbing is being lost by them. In these scenarios, it is recommended that serious consideration should be made to consider using the ZMA supplement to maximize masses of muscles, gains in strength, in addition to reducing body fat and supporting the smooth and healthy functioning of the body’s immunity.

If you desire to use a magnesium and zinc based supplement in your weight loss efforts especially to maximize your body’s intake and maximization of magnesium and zinc, it is recommended that you consider the ZMA.

Although if you are taking plain supplements of magnesium and zinc, you would be provided with amounts of these vital nutrients which would cost lower than a supplement of ZMA. However, it is recommended that you expend money to buy the ZMA supplement. This is due to the fact that unlike plain magnesium and zinc the form of magnesium and zinc that are utilized in ZMA is a chelate referred to as magnesium aspartate and zinc monomethionine/aspartate.

This format assists in minimizing the ineterference in the absorption of these two minerals. Additionally, this ZMA format offers magnesium and zinc aspartate in the correct dosages, while also providing the appropriate amounts of vitamin B6 which assists the body’s magnesium utilization and uptake.

Dosages that were specific were discovered to give positive effects in levels of strength and hormones in the athletes. This means that ZMA is not only effective in building up the body’s immunity level but also for strength, muscle size, fat reduction and burning, and weight loss as a whole.

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